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Small Business Accounting in London by Lawrence Grant LLP

Do you want to set up a small business in London or already have one set up and looking for professional accountants? Welcome to Lawrence Grant LLP, the leading name in small business accounting in London. With an experience of more than 50 years in the taxation industry, we have helped various small businesses navigate the complexities of taxes and will do the same  for you too! Thus, you do not have to worry about investing your precious time in business taxation. Leave it to us, and we will take care of it.e r small business accountant in London will provide you with the suggestions needed to traverse the taxation structure. Besides, we  will help you minimise your taxes and operate your business while remaining fully compliant with the regulations. Thus, with us, your entrepreneurial journey will be a smooth one.

What’s Included in Our London Small Business Accounting Services?

Our London small business accounting service is comprehensive. Here, our accountants will assist you with:

  • Managing your bookkeeping data
  • Planning your taxes and maximising efficiency
  • Financial statement preparation and submission
  • Corporate tax return preparation and submission
  • HMRC record checks assistance
  • Reminding you of the payment deadlines
  • Preparing statements to be submitted to Companies House
  • Reminding you of the payment of ongoing taxes

If you require further assistance with any of these, feel free to contact us now.

Why Hire Our Small Business Accountants?

Our small business accountants will be the right pick since:

  • We  are friendly and take person-centred approaches to managing small business taxes
  • We  will evaluate your business structure and provide the right advice
  • We  will ensure 100% compliance with the UK’s tax laws

To learn more about our advisory services, please contact us now.

Get Small Business Tax Advisory Now

To obtain advice from  a small business tax consultant  , call +44 (0)20 8861 7575 and schedule an appointment with us. If you have further questions, send them to

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