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Lawrence Grant LLP - The Leading International Tax Accountants in London

From investing in the UK to setting up a business in the country, you will need sound tax management. At Lawrence Grant LLP, we will take care of it so that you can focus on your operations. Our international tax accountants in London will help minimise your tax burden so that you can accomplish your objectives. At the same time, we  will ensure 100% compliance with the regulations to avoid unnecessary hassle.

Our tax accountants will discuss your requirements and assist you at every step of the way. Whether you are investing, starting your entrepreneurial journey, or want to move to the UK, our professionals will guide you through the tax structure and help you avoid complications. At the same time, they will ensure that you make the right decisions.

What Do Our London International Tax Accountants Deal With?

Our London international tax accountants will assist you with cross-border taxation, undertake pre-arrival tax planning that will enable you to understand the compliance requirments in the UK. We  will also provide consultancy services that are tailored to your individual requirements to enable you to. reach your goals and objectives.

Our services include:

Pre-Arrival Planning

Our accountants will help you deal with asset structuring and fund segregation before you move to the UK. They will also help you to navigate the various double taxation agreements to ensure you meet your tax obligations.

Post-Arrival Advice

Our professionals will provide advice regarding business tax compliances after you arrive in the UK. We  will ensure that you fulfil the necessary compliance obligations in the UK..

Managing Property Taxes

We  will provide you with  advice regarding transactional tax issues for residential and commercial properties. Besides that , we  will provide you with suggestions in respect of  restructuring and compliance requirements in the UK.

Business Taxation

If you are setting up a business in the UK, our accountants and tax advisers will assist you with corporation tax, profit extraction, exit strategies, cross-border transactions, etc.

Apart from these, our international tax accountants will be able to assist you in  setting up offshore trusts and collaborating with your associates.

Why Choose Our International Tax Accountants?

Choose our international tax accountants as :

  • We  are adept at international taxation and can guide you methodically
  • We  will consider your needs and then take the necessary measures
  • We  will ensure that you remain fully compliant with the UK tax laws and regulations

To obtain  further details about our advisory service, please contact  us today

FAQs Regarding Our International Tax Accountants in London

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There will probably be many questions about company set up, VAT registration, bookkeeping, opening a UK Business bank account, audit & compliance – the scope of opportunities open to you is truly global, as we can provide you with the necessary international tax advice.

For us, it’s about getting to know the ins and outs of your business; your objectives, your pain points, and then identifying where we can add most value to support your growth setting up in the UK or expanding abroad. We will help you plan so you can maximise your opportunities and benefit from the UK’s favourable tax system for those settling here from overseas.

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