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New £7.4m UK AI training fund – applications close 31 May 2024

The Department of Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT), has introduced a scheme that aims to increase AI adoption and productivity by spurring greater employer-led investment in the relevant skills.


P11D and Benefit in Kind

A P11D form is a mandatory submission to HMRC by employers annually, detailing taxable benefits and expenses provided to each member of staff, including directors.


Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED) filing deadlines for the 2024/25 Tax Year

As the deadline for filing Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED) returns draws near, it's imperative for property owners and corporate entities to grasp the intricacies of their obligations and ensure full compliance with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) regulations. Here's an overview of everything you need to know about ATED for the upcoming tax year.


EU Approves World's First AI Law

Though we discuss primarily about accountancy, as London tax advisors today the topic will be something different. Today, we will discuss the approval of AI law by the EU which will have far-reaching implications.


Update on ATAD III and its implementation

Check out the latest update covered by Lawrence Grant LLP's international partner, Alan Rajah on ATAD III and its implementation within EU on page 5 of the GGI INSIDER!


Planning for a new tax year

Read our recap of a conversation between Shojin CEO, Jatin Ondhia, and Alan Rajah, Partner at Lawrence Grant LLP, specialists in UK and international tax planning.


Transfer Pricing Filing Obligations

The GGI International Taxation Practice Group (ITPG) is proud to present their third Special Edition Newsletter, covering “Transfer Pricing Filing Obligations”, which will provide you with key information on International Transfer Pricing Filing Regulations in 19 different jurisdictions


Salary Sacrifice and Optional Remuneration Arrangements (OpRAs)

A salary sacrifice arrangement is an agreement between employer and employee to reduce the level of upfront remuneration, usually in return for a benefit other than cash, such as childcare or improved employer pension contributions. This is known as a “Benefit in Kind” (BIK). Employers are able to initiate a salary sacrifice arrangement by agreeing to a change to the employment contract between them and the employee.


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