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Accounting for the Ambitious – We Deliver Outstanding Results So You Can Focus on What Truly Matters

Taxes can be challenging – you should minimise liability, but it is critical to strike the right balance between overpaying and underpaying. After all, your success and lifestyle hinge on this. We understand how crucial it is to pay the right amount of tax while maintaining the liquidity necessary to achieve your business and personal goals.

We work hand-in-hand with our clients for the long-term, creating bespoke tax plans and handling all the details behind the scenes. The result? A lifelong partner you can trust and the ability to focus on “big-picture” goals and priorities.

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What Is Accounting for the Ambitious?

You’re driven to succeed. We’re driven to help you achieve that success. Too often, tax planning is seen as a cold and impersonal thing – something detached from a client’s personal life. The truth is radically different. Your lifestyle, dreams, and aspirations lie at the core of tax planning. Everything we do, from handling HMRC tax enquiries to retirement planning, and dealing with inheritance taxes, is designed to help you live the lifestyle you deserve.

Of course, ambition does not stop at the edge of your personal life, nor do our services. We’ve built one of the nation’s most successful accountancies by delivering critical accounting services for the ambitious, and go beyond personal tax matters to serving your business needs, and even working with international expansion.

Accounting for the ambitious: a bespoke financial solution suited perfectly to your needs, goals, and dreams, and capable of changing over time. Our agile stance toward client-facing services ensures that your strategy evolves over time to meet new needs, goals, and challenges, whether that’s planning the legacy you’ll leave for your heirs or building an international business empire one location at a time.

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Our Team: Supporting Your Growth and Success

Forging lifelong relationships and dedicating yourself to serving client needs requires a different breed of financial expert. The Lawrence Grant team embodies that difference. Our current partners have over 100 years of combined experience working with clients to help them achieve their personal and business goals.

However, our difference runs deeper than mere experience. Our team has in-depth knowledge of both UK and international tax matters, financial planning requirements, and more. Our varied client base benefits from our ability to deliver bespoke solutions to any issues they might face.

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Ongoing Training and Education

While some accountants might be content to rest on their laurels, that’s not us. Our team is dedicated to ongoing training and education to master new technologies and ensure complete compliance with UK and international laws and regulations. The goal is to ensure that our team continually delivers exceptional service to clients while upholding our stringent standards.

That commitment is exemplified in everything we do, but is particularly visible in the KPIs we set for ourselves and our clients. These milestones ensure that we continue to grow, improving on productivity and performance year over year.

Our commitment to personal and professional development, as well as to growth and evolution as an accountancy allows us to provide you with accurate financial advice and guidance, as well as implementing systems and processes that ensure our partners and staff are rewarded for their efforts.

Our Ethos: A Commitment to Excellence

At Lawrence Grant, we believe that our difference should be visible in all that we do. To that end, we have built our culture around key tenets:

  • We only work with clients that fit our firm’s profile to ensure we’re able to deliver the quality, accurate guidance each client deserves.
  • We ensure that every client has assigned a dedicated manager who acts as a single touchpoint for every interaction, building trust and delivering efficient, timely service.
  • We believe our people make the difference, and we continue to invest in their development and provide the support they require to become strong leaders.
  • We encourage our staff to develop their own clients through a lifelong commitment to excellence.
  • We remain committed to providing exemplary UK tax advice, as well as international tax advice, inheritance tax advice, VAT advice, handling research and development claims, and providing robust audit services.
  • We commit to undertaking financial due diligence and providing advisory services for the merging and acquisition of businesses.
  • We uphold our 15-year tradition of investing in leading-edge information technology and commit to developing systems and processes that allow us to deliver an outstanding client experience.
  • We commit to full transparency in billing to foster trust and understanding.

Our Commitment to the Community

We’re proud of our outstanding commitment to our clients. However, we recognise that our responsibilities are broader than simply delivering an outstanding client experience and providing exemplary financial solutions. We share a responsibility to support the local community – after all, we’re part of it.

We uphold that commitment in numerous ways, including:

Old Elizabethan Cricket Club in Barnet

Encouraging players of all ages & abilities

We continue to be a proud sponsor of the Old Elizabethan Cricket Club in Barnet and the club’s mission of encouraging players of all ages and abilities to enjoy this sport.

Young Harrow Foundation

Building a brighter future for Harrow's young adults

We work with the Young Harrow Foundation to help build a brighter future for children and young people in Harrow suffering from mental health issues, youth violence, or inequality.

Partner Alan Rajah | Charity BFIRST

Training & education for plastic surgeons around the world

Partner Alan Rajah is a trustee and active fundraiser for the BFIRST charity, which focuses on providing training and education to local plastic surgeons in the world’s poorest nations.

National Citizen Service (NCS) programme

Helping to build life skills for young people

We support the National Citizen Service programme and its mission to bring together young people from different backgrounds and help them build the skills required for a successful future.

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