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Are you an international business looking to set up a new company or office in the UK?

Maybe you’re a UK company looking to expand overseas? Our client base stretches globally (USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and Asia).

Our ace card is being an independent member of GGI - a worldwide association of accountants, tax consultants & lawyers with amazing access to over 90 countries to assist with cross-border trading, overseas business or property investment.

Come & chat about any tax questions you may have

International Services – Personal Tax Planning

Got an exciting new job overseas and planning to re-locate? Or maybe you are returning to the UK?

Whatever your plans, there will be a few tax issues you will need to sort out first.

We can make sure you understand what they are, and help you on your way to a brighter (and sunnier) future or enjoy a stress free journey back home to Blighty!

Come & chat about any tax questions you may have

Good to talk

We can call you for a 30 minute chat on the phone or skype.


We can meet with you to understand your tax issues.


Once we identify what assistance you require, we can send you a proposal.


Please evaluate our proposal, and let's meet up again.

Good to go!

If you feel ready to go ahead, we will take care of the rest.

Come & chat about any tax questions you may have

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We are a member firm of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England & Wales (ICAEW). Registered to carry on audit work in the UK and Ireland. Our Insurer is Prosure Solutions (per W R Berkley , and IGI), 34 Lime St, London EC3M 7AT (worldwide, excluding North America). Also an independent member of GGI, a multidisciplinary worldwide association of accountants, tax consultants & lawyers.