Spotlight - Foreign Exchange Transaction Cost Optimisation Service

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Spotlight.

Spotlight has invented one of the world's first foreign exchange transaction cost audit solutions designed for SMEs and mid-sized firms. Their proprietary audit system uses artificial intelligence to help business leaders reduce their exchange rate mark-ups by up to 95%. The amalgamation of these capabilities also drive process efficiencies within the finance organisation of businesses, and fosters transparency between those businesses and their financial institutions.

This partnership means we can now offer you some real benefits, including:

  • Identification of losses stemming from premiums on exchange rates from international vendor payments, overseas revenues, international payroll disbursements, foreign entity funding and cross-border cash management
  • Catalysing cost savings stemming from reduction in the foreign exchange premiums, translating to up to $2M in savings annually
  • Improved process efficiency, resulting in up to 5% improvement in productivity for the accounts payable and accounts receivable teams within businesses

Alan Rajah says: We are delighted to be have linked up with Spotlight in enhancing our AI technology within Lawrence Grant. With the volatility of currency movements, this new innovative audit software will enable our UK and international clients to make cost savings and improve their bottom line. This software will revolutionise the way banks deal with customers in the future.

Ravi Bharadwaj says: We are thrilled to partner with an industry stalwart like Lawrence Grant. Alan and his team built one of the UK's leading accounting practices using their deep domain expertise and client-centric philosophy. We believe the partnership between Spotlight and Lawrence Grant will help clients drive savings, improve cash flows and gain process efficiency.

Take control of your banking charges now! Please do not hesitate to contact Ravi Bharadwaj via email at or call us on +44 (0) 808 196 2013.

Visit to find out more about our cost savings service.


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